Life Without Social Media

How would your daily life change if you didn’t have social media?

This is a question that came up in my own prayer time. My answers may be very different from yours, but I think it is a question that we should all ponder. There are many people who would see no difference in their day. Others would feel completely at a loss. So I began to look at it from all of the angles both positive and negative. Here are some of the things I discovered.

I would have a lot more time on my hands if I didn’t have social media. I wouldn’t know what a hashtag meant. A tweet would be something a bird would do, and a retweet would be that same bird doing it twice. I would wonder how people could spend all of their time pinning things and not prick their finger. A tumblr would either mean someone had really bad balance or it would refer to a sippie cup. Also – Selfie would have never made it as a Word of the Year…

Sharing things would be defined a lot differently without social media. I wouldn’t take pictures of the cheeseburger from my favorite restaurant. I wouldn’t take pictures of a great quote I just read in a book, or show the world just how much coffee I drink (I drink a lot of coffee). My Bible wouldn’t pose for pictures anymore (trying to find the right angle and make sure the coffee still fits while still being able to read the verse highlighted can prove to be quite challenging).

My view would change. I wouldn’t be glued to my phone all hours of the day. Enjoying a day outside at the park or on a hike would look a lot different than it does before the view of a 2×4 screen. I would have a greater opportunity to enjoy the places I go, rather than enjoy my phone in the places I went. There wouldn’t be a need to pull my phone out of my pocket every 5 minutes to check and see who liked my post, shared my post, or retweeted my post. I wouldn’t have that ghost vibration in my pocket against my leg making me think my phone is going off (especially when I can visibly see it sitting on the counter across the room from me).

Communication would look different. Communicating with people would actually mean hearing their voice and speaking to a live person, rather than watching three dots blink and wait for them to send me a response, or waiting and checking my phone every couple of minutes just to see if they read it. If they read it and haven’t responded, then I’ll proceed to wonder why they haven’t replied back yet. Are they mad at me? Did I do something wrong? Why are they too busy to text back? Are they ok? It also means that I  wouldn’t be frustrated when they finally do text back only to respond with the letter – k.

Facebook wouldn’t have a detailed account and digital rights to every moment of my life. I wouldn’t likely be tempted to stalk people in real life, yet I justify it online. Doesn’t that almost make it worse? What about vacation time?  Is it wise for the entire world to know whenever I am away from home home for a week?  Am I not publicly asking people to come to my empty house and take everything that I own? Do muggers really need a map of everywhere I go running in the morning?

There are a lot of things that would be different if I didn’t have social media.

Ministry to others would look very different. I wouldn’t have clear insight on how to specifically pray for others. I wouldn’t know the joys and details of so many wonderful people, and it would be much more difficult to rejoice with people half way across the world. I wouldn’t know about many of the needs of the ministries I follow. I would miss opportunities to encourage someone who needs to know that someone cares. I would only see my classmates at a reunion every 5 years. This blog post would probably barely get read.

Reaching others with the Gospel would look different. The Gospel wouldn’t have an incredible opportunity to reach people that wouldn’t step foot inside of a church. People couldn’t share a verse that might have been the very thing God would use to encourage or strengthen someone who was in desperate need of a word. We wouldn’t have opportunities to connect with other believers and encourage them.

Idols in our heart might go undiscovered. Can I do without it? Would I choose to go without it? Has it become a god to me? Is it giving me the joy of the Lord? Peace that surpasses all understanding? Can I go a day without checking it? Or a week? Or…gasp…a month? Is it depriving my family of the attention and focus that they need and deserve? Is it affecting my witness at my job? Does it stir jealously in my heart because someone else may have more likes, comments, or shares than I do?

There are a lot of ways that my life would change without social media, but I think it is worth pondering the question.

How would your life look without social media?


Great post Whitt madden. You are turning the world upside down.