Declaration of War

There is a calling on this generation to step into destiny and fulfill it. To bring light into dark places. To spread truth in a culture of lies. – Declaration of War by The Great Commission

I remember crying out to God screaming “I can’t do this anymore!”  It felt like chaos all around me.  It was dark, and all around me was this ‘light’. It was as though God Himself, wrapped His arms around me and held me.  I could hear a faint whisper in my soul saying “It’s ok. I’m here. I love you.”  It was a moment of surrender in my life that I will never forget, but before I go any further I need to step back to share some things with you.

We are at war.  As followers of  Christ we are at war with an enemy and that enemy is Satan.  Once we accept Jesus Christ  we are placed into battle.  I don’t know how many people realize this, but the day we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of our lives, we step out on to the battlefield.

Reflecting back on the past several years I find that my life has become a declaration of war against the enemy.  One of the biggest battles that I am faced with in this war is between the flesh and the Spirit.   I’ve experienced both victories and failures in this war.  God is teaching me so much through those failures. In fact, to even called them failures, goes against what God is trying to teach me through them.  They might be complete and total failures in the eyes of the world, but God sees things from a different perspective than we do.

I wish I could tell you that I win more battles than I lose, but the truth is I have lost many more than won.  I realize that as  I go through this life I will experience both victory and loss. The good news is that Jesus has the ultimate victory in this war.  But if I’m honest with myself I don’t always live this way.

This brings me to a confession that I need to make. Here it goes…

I didn’t know that the Christian life was going to be hard.

I thought that once you were saved that things in life somehow got easier.  I’ve heard it being preached from many pulpits that if you just give your life over to Jesus then everything will all work out. You’ll be blessed with health, wealth, happiness, and everything will turn out fantastic. Life for me did not get any easier. In fact the most difficult years of my life were the ones that followed directly after God saved me. I believed the lie that becoming a Christian would fix everything that was wrong. I was believing a lie about what it meant to be a Christian.  Nothing seemed to be fixed at all, in fact things in my life were more broken than ever.

The fix I was looking for was a fix for this earthly life that I made a complete and total mess out of.  The fix I searching for was a way to get out of having to deal with the consequences of my own actions.  I felt like becoming a Christian would cause all of those things to fall into place. Had I stayed where I was at the point in my life, I would have given up on this thing we call Christianity.  For the first few years after being saved I thought the Christian life was a ‘get out of hell free card’ and all that was required was going to church twice a week.

I believed in God but I lived as though He didn’t exist.

But in order to tell the full story I need to start at the beginning, which begins in the next post.